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Lesson 27 爸爸妈妈让我回家

Lesson 27 My Parents Are Asking Me to Go Home

Li Jun: le s almost time for vacation. What plans do you have?
David: I plan to go traveling. It will soon be half a year since I came to China, and I've stayed in Beijing the whole time. (So) I'd like to go see some other places.
Li Jun: Where do you plan on traveling to?
David: I haven't decided yet. My friend wants to go to Harbin.
Lilac: Harbin? It's extremely cold there in the winter.
David: But Inc heard that the winter scenery in Harbin is extremely beautiful, to I'd like to go see (for myself). How are you going to spend the vacation?
Li Jun: I plan to review (my) schoolwork (here) on campus.
David: Review schoolwork? You're that industrious?
Li Jun: I'm going to graduate soon , and I want to take an entrance test for graduate school. So I have to make the best use of the time and do some review work.
David: Really? Which area of graduate studies are you planning to take an exam for?
Lilac: I'm very interested in ancient Chinese history, so I'm thinking of talcing the test for Professor Zhang Dapeng 's (program).
David: That's excellent! I'm sure you can pass. So you're not going home for Chinese New Year?
Li Jun: I'm probably going to have to go back for a few days, (since) my parents are asking me to come home. But I'm still in the process of thinking it over.
David: Going back to see your parents is something you should do, too. They must really miss you.
Li Jun: That's true, I should set aside some time to make a trip back.
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