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One Minute Chinese
Learn Chinese with videos less than one minute, courtesy of New Insights through Revision from China Plus(
当代中文第一册Contemporary Chinese 1
This course is in keeping with the first volume of Contemporary Chinese(textbook), including 9 episodes such as the overview of Pinyin, What’s your name, when will you come back and etc.
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Daily Chinese by Hanbridge
This course is dedicated to build your oral communication skills.
You will be placed in several role playing situations to give the training a "real world" feel. Gain valuable insight into conversational Mandarin in areas such as: taxi rides, ordering food, phone calls, looking for help and more.
This course is a great way to increase your knowledge in an intensely practical way: these are the things you want and need to say!
Standard Course HSK 1-6
标准教程 Standard Course HSK 1- 6 by Amazing Languages English version
Learn Chinese Online Lessons
Learn Chinese Online在线学习中文 Chinese Course for all Learners: Free of charge. Learn Chinese lesson by lesson through Fun Dialogues! Learning Chinese is Fun and will take you further. Learn a new Language! Learn Chinese starting from TODAY!