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One Minute Chinese
Learn Chinese with videos less than one minute, courtesy of New Insights through Revision from China Plus(
成长汉语 Growing up with Chinese
Entertaining, fun and easy to follow. This series teaches 300 of the most commonly spoken Chinese phrases to teenagers. It is hosted by Charlotte MacInnis, known to the Chinese audiences as Ai Hua.
旅游汉语Travel in Chinese
Whether your interest is the language, the food or the culture of China in general, whether you wish to travel, live or study in China, "Travel in Chinese" has something for you. This series has a total of 100 lessons. It was aired on CCTV, China´s national TV station.
Host: Mark Rowswell, also known as "大山" (Da Shan).
当代中文第一册Contemporary Chinese 1
This course is in keeping with the first volume of Contemporary Chinese(textbook), including 9 episodes such as the overview of Pinyin, What’s your name, when will you come back and etc.
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当代中文第二册Contemporary Chinese 2

Daily Chinese by Hanbridge
This course is dedicated to build your oral communication skills.
You will be placed in several role playing situations to give the training a "real world" feel. Gain valuable insight into conversational Mandarin in areas such as: taxi rides, ordering food, phone calls, looking for help and more.
This course is a great way to increase your knowledge in an intensely practical way: these are the things you want and need to say!
HSK 1-6 By Eddie Gu
Videos from YouTube channel ChineseEddieG汉语艾迪
Boya Chinese博雅汉语
Boya Chinese博雅汉语 by Peking University Press, videos posted by Amazing Languages, you may click on any video to follow their YouTube channel
汉语教程Hanyu Jiaocheng
汉语教程 HanyujiaoCheng by Amazing Languages
HSK 1- 6(Vietnamese)Giáo Trình Hán Ngữ Chuẩn
标准教程 Standard Course HSK 1- 6 by Amazing Languages
Standard Course HSK 1-6
标准教程 Standard Course HSK 1- 6 by Amazing Languages English version
Easy&Fun Chinese
Conversational Chinese by Yanyan Lin, you may follow her on instagram or click on any video to follow her on facebook
Curso de chinês mandarim Grátis (Curso ao Vivo e Gratuito)
A China já é o maior parceiro comercial do Brasil desde 2009, mas o mandarim ainda é uma língua estranha para grande parte dos brasileiros.

Com a atual crise econômica, existem muitas empresas brasileiras sendo compradas por empresas chinesas e o mandarim, cada vez mais, está se tornando um grande diferencial no mercado de trabalho.

Mesmo sendo uma língua muito importante para negócios e turismo, ainda existem poucos cursos de mandarim e os poucos que existem são caros (até porque já não conseguem suprir a crescente demanda). Por esse motivo, eu decidi iniciar esse projeto: Um curso completo de mandarim gratuito e com transmissão ao vivo, todas as quintas, às 09h da manhã pelo Facebook e Youtube. Com isso, espero poder alcançar aquelas pessoas que realmente querem aprender mas não tem acesso a um curso de mandarim por questões geográficas e/ou financeiras.

Peço sua ajuda para continuar com esse trabalho e alcançar cada vez mais pessoas. Por favor, compartilhe esses vídeos com seus amigos para que eles também tenham a chance de aprender.

São aulas de cerca de cerca de 30 minutos com transmissão ao vivo e depois todas ficam gravadas, você pode ver e rever quantas vezes quiser e, qualquer dúvida ou sugestão, você pode escrever diretamente embaixo do vídeo e ainda tenho um grupo exclusivo para tirar dúvidas em

Quero mostrar para todo o Brasil que Mandarim não é difícil, é DIFERENTE! (E pode ser muito divertido)
Chinese Songs
Although learning is rewarding, but we get tired some time, so a bit of music can chill you up. As we are studying Mandarin, let's listen to Chinese songs.
Learn new words each and every day
Based on Mann's post in Learning Chinese Mandarin 🇨🇳 学习普通话📚 facebook group, it's probably most liked & shared post series in that group, so hopefully you guys can benefit from it. You'll find some days missing, that's what the post was, you may safely skip those days.
Mandarin Storybook
Study Mandarin with fun stories like The Fisherman and the Golden Fish渔夫和金鱼, The Ugly Duckling 丑小鸭, The Emperor's New Clothes Part Three 皇帝的新装, 三只小猪 The Three Little Pigs etc.
Learn Chinese Online Lessons
Learn Chinese Online在线学习中文 Chinese Course for all Learners: Free of charge. Learn Chinese lesson by lesson through Fun Dialogues! Learning Chinese is Fun and will take you further. Learn a new Language! Learn Chinese starting from TODAY!
New Practical Chinese Reader新实用汉语课本
The Practical Chinese Reader is a six-volume series of Chinese language teaching books developed to teach non-Chinese speakers to speak Chinese, first published in 1981. Books I and II consist of 50 lessons where the reader studies a vocabulary of 1,000 words, and basic Chinese phonology and grammar.
Youth Chinese Test (YCT)
Videos courtesy of Mr Sun Mandarin(YouTube channel:
Chinese Grammar Fundamental(初级汉语语法)
Credit: 中国大学MOOC慕课