How to express your feelings in Chinese

The Hanbridge mandarin school's Chinese course.
The Chinese vocabulary to express mood.
大家好,我是汉语老师Olivia, Today we are going to learn some emotional words
The first one is 高兴、高兴、我很高兴Happy I'm very happy
The second one is 生气、生气、我很生气Angry I'm very angry
The third one is 害怕、害怕 我很害怕Scared I'm so scared
The last one is 难过 难过 我很难过Sad I'm so sad
The fourth one is 惊讶 惊讶 我很惊讶Surprised I'm very surprised
Ok, next we will play a little game, can you guess my face and my emotion?
The first one
The second one
The third one
And the last one
Can you guess then?

Let's see the video
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