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Lesson 45 Traffic Accident

Chinese Lover































College1: Xiaoli, your report today was well done.

College2: Xuemei also did a good job.

Why is Xuemei absent today?

College1: She was hit by a car and is in hospital.

College2: What? Really, is it serious?

College1: She called me and told me that only her arms and legs were hurt.

College2: Then let's go and visit her after work.

College1: Ok, let's go and get a bunch of flowers first.

College1: Xuemei, are you feeling better now?

Xuemei: Thanks for coming and visiting me. I'm much better now.

College2: What happened then?

Xuemei: Hey, let's not talk about it. I was knocked over by a car as soon as I walked out of the bookstore.

College2: That driver wasn't careful enough.

College1:Hey, there are too many bad drivers on the road these days.

Xuemei: You can't blame him entirely. I was absorbed in reading the book I'd just bought and didn't really pay any attention to the car.

College1:There are too many cars on the road. You have to be careful, no matter whether you're cycling or walking.

Xuemei: I was absent-minded and got myself knocked over.

College1: Terrible. Who brought you to the hospital?

Xuemei: It was a passer-by. He saw me on the ground and called 120 for an ambulance.

College2: What about that driver?

Xuemei: He saw I was bleeding badly and was frightened silly.

College1:When will you be fully recovered?

Xuemei: Not too long. The doctor said there's no bone damage. And I guess I'll be fine in at most two or three weeks.

College1:That's something good to know among all the misfortune. And you can take advantage of the opportunity to take a good rest.

College2: Right, be sure to take enough rest. Don't worry about your work.

Xuemei: What's done is done. There is nothing I can do about it now. That's how I must think.

College1:It's late.

College2: Yes. We'll leave now. Get well soon!

Xuemei: Thanks for coming and visiting me.


1)只是 only, just


I'm just looking around. I don't plan on buying anything.


He didn't say anything. He just sat there quietly.

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Emergency Numbers

There are three emergency numbers you should remember when you are traveling in China. 110 is for police, 119 for the fire department and 120 for an ambulance. In North America and other countries, the equivalent number would be 911. You may remember in a previous lesson, Renhao saw a 110 car nearby, so he knew there must be a police officer in the area.

China is a kingdom of bicycles. There are more bikes produced, exported, bought domestically and ridden in China than anywher else in the world.

Unlike in North America, roads in Beijing were largely designed with bicycles in mind. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that the bicycle was the most common form of transportation in Beijing. So, there were large bicycle lanes that were separated from cars, and many bridges even had double layers so that bicycles and cars could keep separate from each other.

With the huge boom in domestic car production and sales these past years, traffic has become much more complicated. New expressways have been built just for cars, wher bicycles and pedestrians are strictly forbidden. Other times, what used to be a very wide lane for bicycles has now been divided into one car lane and one bicycle lane. With all the intersections and turn-offs, the two types of vehicles still have a lot of opportunity to meet, unfortunately. If you’re riding a bike, you may legally have the right of way, but it’s always best to drive defensively and be careful.

Substitution and Extension

1)不论……,都…… no matter what situation or condition


No matter weather is windy or it's raining, he insists on running.

2)被字句 passive voice


The luggage has been taken away.

The luggage has been taken away by him.