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Lesson 16 Swimming

Chinese Lover


1)据说 according to


I hear that the plane tickets to Shanghai are really cheap.


I hear that he can speak many foreign languages.

Substitution and Extension

1)V+过 the action happened in the past


Have you ever seen Peking Opera before?

2)不是……吗 Isn’t it so?


Isn't it true that the car or train to the Great Wall leaves at 6 in the morning?


Aunt:Xiao Jie, are you tired? Have a rest!

Xiaojie, how did it go with your cousin yesterday?

Xiao Jie:My cousin took me to play table tennis at the sports centre. Guess who won?

Aunt:Let me guess. Did your cousin win?

Xiao Jie:Haha. No, I won and I felt awesome.

Aunt:Look at you, so pleased with yourself!

Xiao Jie:Of course.

Aunt:Well, do you still want to play table tennis today?

Xiao Jie:Not really. Do you like swimming?

Aunt:Sure. Swimming is good for losing weight. Some people even say swimming a lot can make you smarter.

Xiao Jie:Really? There's a swimming pool at the sports centre.

Aunt:I know. I was there yesterday. I'm going swimming again today.

Xiao Jie:How about I come with you? I haven't swum for ages.

Aunt:Sure. You can. Xiao Jie, have you brought your bathing suit?

Xiao Jie:No. What are we going to do?

Aunt:Not a problem. They sell bathing suits at the sports centre. We can buy one there.

Xiao Jie:That's great. Let's go.

Aunt:Xiao Jie, look at all those bathing suits!

Xiao Jie:Let me have a look. They're all so pretty!


Aunt:Hi, I'd like to buy a bathing suit and a swimming cap.

Xiao Jie:Plus a pair of goggles.

Salesperson:Which bathing suit would you like?

Aunt:Xiao Jie, which one do you like?

Xiao Jie:I like the blue one.

Salesperson:Here you are. Take care.

Aunt:Thanks. Come on. Xiao Jie, let's go.

Xiao Jie:Is the swimming pool big?

Aunt:It's standard size, 50 metres long.

Xiao Jie:Is there a shallow pool there?

Aunt:We'll know once we get in.

Aunt:Look, the pool's shallow at this end and deep at the other end.

Xiao Jie:I think I'll swim at the shallow end first.

Aunt:Xiaojie, come and swim at my end.

Xiao Jie:How deep is the water over there?

Aunt:Around two metres. Will you come and try it?

Xiao Jie:I'm not good at swimming. I'm a bit scared about swimming in deep water.

Aunt:How about I buy you a safety ring?

Xiao Jie:I'll have a try first.

Aunt:Xiao Jie, be careful! You're doing just fine.