Yalong Bay(The Oriental Hawaii)

1. 亚龙湾的海上运动太酷了!

The sea sports at Yalong Bay are so cool!

2. 海底世界是一个可以好好儿欣赏海洋动物的地方。

The Underwater World is a place where you can enjoy marine animals.

3. 亚龙湾又漂亮又好玩儿!

Yalong Bay is both beautiful and fun!

亚龙湾有各种各样的休闲项目: 潜水、海底漫步、浮潜、玻璃船观 光、快艇观光、香蕉船、拖曳伞、摩 托艇、沙滩摩托车、冲浪等等。喜欢 运动的你,是不是都想试试呢?

There are many kinds of water recreations at Yalong Bay: diving, sea walking, snorkeling, glass boat sightseeing, speedboat sightseeing, banana boating, parasailing, jet skiing, beach biking, surfing, and so on. Doesn’t the you that likes sports want to give them all a try?

亚龙湾海底世界非常大,不 但有海上运动,还可以坐游览 船去海底看一看:各种各样的 鱼儿在你眼前游来游去,像在 跳舞。还有丰富多彩的珊瑚、 颜色美丽的海草......大海的秘 密就这样一点儿一点儿地展现 在你的眼前。

The Yalong Bay Underwater World is huge. Not only can you enjoy the sea sports, you can also take a tourist boat to see the Underwater World: There are all kinds of fish swimming around in front of you as if they are dancing. There are lots of colorful corals, beautifully colored seaweed... This is where the mysterious ocean lets you see her secrets.

亚龙湾的沙滩是银白色的,海水是蓝色的,再加上绿色的树木,美丽 极了,人们叫它“东方夏威夷”。除了可以参加海上运动,还可以参观热 带森林公园、蝴蝶谷、贝壳馆等。阳光灿烂,海风作伴,尽情享受吧!

Dubbed “The Oriental Hawaii”, Yalong Bay boasts her silver white beaches, blue and clean seawater, and verdant trees. Apart from sea sports, the Tropical Forest Park, Butterfly Valley, and Shell Hall are all worth visiting. With the sunshine and sea breeze, you will find your stay so enjoyable!

Jiuzhaigou Valley & Five-Color Pond