Sichuan, Shujin & Dufu
1. 蜀锦的制作过程非常复杂,颜色也美极了。
The process of producing Shu Jin (brocade) is very complicated, and its colors are extremely beautiful.

2. 蜀锦特别漂亮,是很好的礼物。
Shu Jin (brocade) is especially beautiful, and it is a very good gift.

3. 我今天了解了一位伟大的诗人— 杜甫!
Today I learned about a great poet ― Du Fu!

四川,古称蜀。蜀锦是当地最有名的特产,也是重要的非物质文化遗产。它与南京的 云锦、苏州的宋锦、广西的壮 锦一起,并称中国四大名锦。 在这四大名锦中,蜀锦又是 历史最为悠久的。蜀锦色谱丰 富、色彩独特,且颜色经久不 褪。它的花纹种类也很多,有 神话传说、历史故事、花草动 物等等,一般寓含吉祥之意。 买一块蜀锦带回国,装饰家里 的客厅也是很棒的。

Sichuan’s ancient name was Shu. Shu Jin, brocade from Sichuan, is the most famous specialty product in the region and an important intangible cultural heritage. Shu Jin in Sichuan, Yun Jin in Nanjing, Song Jin in Suzhou, and Zhuang Jin in Guangxi are together called the four famous Chinese brocades. Among the four, Shu Jin has the longest history. Its chromatogram is rich and unique in color, and its color does not fade for a long time. These brocades also have many kinds of patterns, such as those of myths and legends, stories of history, flowers and animals, etc., which generally embody auspicious meaning. It would be great to buy a piece of brocade to bring back to your country and decorate the living room at home with it.

蜀锦手工织造使用的是“小花楼木织机”,这种木织机长6米、宽 1.5米、高5米。操作时需要两人配合,一人在上,一人在下。上面的人按 照花纹的顺序排列经线,叫“挽花”;下面的人手拿梭子,编织纬线, 叫“投梭”。拿梭子的人脚下还得控制16片踏板。两位工匠密切配合, 同时进行,才能编织出一幅美丽的蜀锦。工匠们真是了不起!

一个熟练的织造工人练挽花要练五六年,练投梭也要五六年。而两 个熟练的织造工人在非常顺利的情况下,一天最多只能织七八厘米,所 以有“寸锦寸金”的说法。

The hand-weaving of Shu Jin uses the “xiao hua lou wood weaving machine”, which is 6 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 5 meters tall. When operating, it needs two people to cooperate; one person is at the top, and one person is at the bottom. The person at the top arranges the warp threads in the order of the patterns, and this technique is called “wan hua”; the person at the bottom holds the shuttle and weaves the weft, and this technique is called “tou suo”. At the same time, this person also needs to control 16 pedals by foot. The two craftsmen work closely together in coordination at the same time, in order to weave one piece of beautiful brocade. Craftsmen are really amazing!
For either the “wan hua” or “tou suo” technique, a weaving craftsman needs to practice five or six years in order to become skilled. And two skilled weavers, in ideal conditions, can only weave up to seven or eight centimeters of brocade a day, so there is a saying that “One inch of brocade equals one inch of gold”.

杜甫是中国古代最伟大的诗人之一, “杜甫草堂”是他晚年在成都的住所。后人 修建的“杜甫草堂”是非常独特的中国古代 园林,因为它同时包含了纪念碑亭和诗人的故 居两大部分。杜甫的诗歌词精句美,诗意浓郁, 意义悠长。比如他的名句“读书破万卷,下笔如有神”,意思是:读书越 多,写文章就越容易。

Du Fu was one of the greatest poets in ancient China. “Du Fu Cao Tang” (Du Fu Thatched Cottage) was his residence in Chengdu in his later years. The “Du Fu Cao Tang” built by later generations is a very unique ancient Chinese garden, because it includes two parts, the monument pavilion and the poet’s former residence. Du Fu’s poetry is beautiful, poetic, and timeless. For example, his famous poem excerpt “Read widely and you will write wisely” means that the more you read, the easier it is to write articles.

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