Sichuan Opera & Sichuan Shadow Play
1. 川剧真有意思,我也学着中国人叫了一声“好”。
Sichuan Opera is really interesting. I also shouted “Bravo” by learning from the Chinese.

2. 变脸是怎么做到的?你知道它的奥秘吗?
How do they do the face-changing? Do you know its secret?

3. 现场看皮影戏,我觉得比在电视和电影里看更精彩。
Watching the shadow play in person, I feel it is more exciting than watching it on TV and in movies.

你一定听说过京剧吧?那么你知道川剧吗?川剧在四川已经流行了好 几百年了。舞台上生动的故事、精彩的功夫表演,让台下观众不停地鼓掌叫好。川剧中的角色有专门的名称,年轻的男子叫“小生”,年轻的女子 叫“小旦”,幽默、让人哈哈大笑的叫“小丑”。这三“小”都是川剧里 的重要角色。

You must have heard of Beijing Opera, right? So do you know of Sichuan Opera? Sichuan Opera has been popular in Sichuan for hundreds of years already. The lively stories and the wonderful performances of Kung Fu on the stage make the audience below the stage cheer and applaud without pause. The characters in Sichuan Opera have special names. The young man is called “Xiaosheng”, the young woman is called “Xiaodan”, and the humorous one who makes people laugh is called “Xiaochou (Clown)”. These three “Xiao”s are important characters in Sichuan Opera.

川剧里有非常难的三大“绝活儿”,分别是“变脸” “滚灯” “吐火”,其中最有名的就是“变脸”。在戏曲里,不同颜色的脸代表了不同的 人物类型和性格,所以演员要根据故事情节及需要,在台上当场用一眨眼的 工夫换一张脸谱。川剧变脸最有趣的是:演员在舞台上不停地换脸谱,观众 却根本看不清他是怎么做到的。你想解开这个谜吗?快去看一场川剧吧!

 There are three very difficult “consummate skills” in Sichuan Opera, “changing faces”, “rolling light”, and “spitting fire”. The most famous one among them is “changing faces”. In the opera, the faces of different colors represent different character types and personalities, so the actors change faces right there on the stage according to the story and its needs in a blink of the eye. The most interesting thing about Sichuan Opera’s face-changing is that the actor keeps changing faces on stage, but the audience cannot see how he does it. Do you want to solve this mystery? Go see a Sichuan Opera!

四川皮影戏又叫“灯影戏”。人们用薄薄的皮质材料做成人偶。演出 时,演员手里拿着人偶,利用灯光的照射使观众看见在幕布上表演的小小 人影,同时给观众讲唱故事。四川皮影戏的人偶做得非常精巧,甚至连手 指头都能动,表演一段精彩的中国功夫都没问题,真是太厉害了!

Sichuan Shadow Play is also called “Light Shadow Play” (shadow puppetry). People use thin leather materials to make puppets. During the performance, the puppeteers hold the puppets in their hands, using the illumination of the lights to allow the audience to see the little figures on the curtain, while also singing a story to the audience. The puppets in Sichuan Shadow Play are made very delicately, and even the fingers can move. This makes it possible to perform wonderful Chinese Kung Fu. It is really amazing!
Sichuan, Shujin & Dufu