Sichuan, Kuanzhai Xiangzi & Hotpot
    1. 到成都的第一天,我们就去品尝了四川美食。
    We tried Sichuan cuisine the very first day we arrived in Chengdu.
    2. 在宽窄巷子逛一逛,感觉真好。
    It feels really nice to wander around in Kuanzhai Xiangzi Alleys.
    3. 来四川一定要尝尝火锅。哈哈,明天我还想去吃。
    Those who come to Sichuan have to try the hotpot. Ha- ha, I want to go eat the hotpot again tomorrow.

    四川位于中国西南部,自然条件得天独厚,被誉为“天府之国”。由 于物产丰富,四川自古以来就以美食著称。川菜是中国八大菜系之一,四 川的省会成都也成为人们心目中的“美食之都”。四川美食以麻、辣为 主,也兼顾了其他口味。幽默的四川人给这些美食起了很有趣的名字,比 如:伤心凉粉、龙抄手、三大炮、口水鸡、担担面......

    Sichuan is located in the southwestern part of China, and its natural conditions are exceptional. It has been dubbed “The Land of Abundance”. Due to its abundant natural resources, Sichuan has been known for its cuisine since ancient times. Sichuan cuisine is one of the eight major cuisines of China, and Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, has become a “cuisine capital” in people’s minds. Sichuan cuisine is mainly based on “tingly-numbing” (spicy and hot spicy), and it also incorporates other tastes. The humorous Sichuanese have given these foods very interesting names. Some examples are Sad Mung Bean Jelly (Shangxin Liangfen), Dragon Wontons (Long Chaoshou), Three Big Cannons (San Da Pao), Saliva (Mouthwatering) Chicken (Koushui Ji) and Dandan Noodles.

    宽窄巷子是成都非常有名的步行街之一,由 宽巷子、窄巷子、井巷子三条平行的巷子组成。 如果你想体验老成都的风土人情,最好去宽巷子 逛逛;如果你喜欢悠闲生活,可以去窄巷子听听 音乐、喝喝茶,停下来享受时光;如果想和长长 的成都历史合个影,那么历代砖文化墙和民俗留 影墙在井巷子静静地等着你。

    Kuanzhai Xiangzi Alleys are one of the very famous pedestrian streets in Chengdu. They consist of three parallel alleys: Kuan Xiangzi (the Wide Alley), Zhai Xiangzi (the Narrow Alley) and Jing Xiangzi (the Well Alley). If you want to experience the customs of the traditional Chengdu people, it would be best to go to the Wide Alley; if you like the leisurely life, you can go to the Narrow Alley to listen to music, drink tea, stop and enjoy your time there; if you want to have your picture taken with the long history of Chengdu, then the Culture Brick Wall and Folk Custom Wall are patiently waiting for you in the Well Alley.

    如果你不怕吃辣,一定要尝尝四川的火锅。吃火锅时,亲朋好友围坐 一起,说说笑笑,边涮边吃。“涮”的意思就是用筷子夹着备好的蔬菜和 肉片放进滚烫鲜香的汤里,用筷子慢慢拨动,等熟了就捞出来吃。火锅汤 和各种各样的食物融合在一起,形成了独特的味道,让人停不下来。

    If you are not afraid of eating spicy foods, you have to give the hotpot in Sichuan a try. When eating the hotpot, friends or families sit together, talk and laugh, and eat while they cook (“shuan”). “Shuan” means to hold the prepared vegetables and pieces of meat with chopsticks and dip them into a boiling hot, delicious soup, with the chopsticks slowly moving around. When fully cooked, they will be fished out. The hotpot soup blends all kinds of food together to create such a unique taste that people won’t be able to stop eating it.

    使用筷子的礼仪 Shǐyòng kuàizi de lǐyí