Sanxingdui civilization

1. 三星堆文明太神奇了!

The Sanxingdui civilization is amazing!

2. 青铜神树的传说非常有意思。

The legend of the Bronze Holy Trees is very interesting.

3. 我想解开青铜面具之谜。

I want to solve the mystery of the Bronze Mask.

三星堆是20世纪人类最重要的考古发现之一。它是中国古代的蜀国人留下的历史印记,他们生活的时间大概在4800年到2800年前。在三星堆,人们发现了一座古代的城市遗址,里面有很多青铜器、黄金、玉石、象牙、陶器以及令人震撼的面具、 神像、祭坛,它们的样子都很特别,也非常漂亮。来到四川,一定要去看 看神秘的三星堆。

Sanxingdui is one of humanity’s most important archaeological discoveries in the 20th century. It is the historical imprint left by the Shu (Sichuan) Chinese of ancient China. They lived roughly between 4,800 and 2,800 years ago. In Sanxingdui, people discovered an ancient city site with bronze, gold, jade, ivory, pottery and stunning masks, statues, and altars. They all look very special, and they are also very beautiful. When you come to Sichuan, be sure to check out the mysterious Sanxingdui.

三星堆最有名的文物就是青 铜神树,它们是在1986年被发 现的。最大的神树高3.96米,有 三层枝叶,每层有三根树枝, 每一根树枝的花果上都站着一 只鸟,一共有九只鸟。这些鸟 是传说中的太阳神鸟。古代中 国人相信:神鸟住在东方的一 棵大树上,每天和太阳一起升 起。3 000年前的人能做出这么 大、这么漂亮的青铜树,真是 不可思议啊!

The most famous cultural relic of Sanxingdui is the Bronze Holy Trees. The Bronze Holy Trees were discovered in 1986. The largest one is 3.96 meters tall. It has three layers of branches and leaves. There are three branches on each layer. On each branch’s flowers and fruits stands a bird. There are nine birds in total. These birds are the legendary solar divine birds. The ancient Chinese believed that the divine birds lived on a big tree in the east and rose alongside the sun every day. It’s incredible that people from 3,000 years ago could make such a big and beautiful bronze tree!

除了青铜神树,三星堆还有两件宝贝,分别是青铜大立人像和青铜面具。青铜大立人像高2.608米,重约180千克,距今已有3 000多年的历史,被誉为“世界铜像之王”。青铜面具也很奇特:宽嘴巴、大耳朵, 眼睛向外凸出16厘米,这可能就是中国古代传说中的“顺风耳”“千里 眼”吧。

Other than the Bronze Holy Trees, Sanxingdui also has two more treasures, respectively the Upright Bronze Figure and Bronze Mask. The Upright Bronze Figure is 2.608 meters tall and weighs about 180 kilograms. It has a history of more than 3,000 years and is known as the “World King of Bronze Statue”. The Bronze Mask is also very peculiar: it has a wide mouth, big ears, and eyes protruding outwards 16 centimeters, possibly representing “Shunfeng’er” (“Sharp- eared”) and “Qianliyan” (“Far-seeing”) of ancient Chinese legends.

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