Jiuzhaigou Valley & Five-Color Pond
1. 九寨沟有雪山,还有湖泊和森林,景色迷人。
Jiuzhaigou Valley has snow-capped peaks, as well as lakes and forests. Its scenery is very charming.

2. 五彩池的颜色不停地变化,像魔术一样。
The color of Wucaichi (the Five-Color Pond) changes nonstop, like magic.

3. 藏式披肩太好看了,我要给朋友们买几条。
Tibetan shawls are so beautiful. I want to buy some for my friends.

九寨沟是有名的国家级自然保护区,它是一条长约50公里的山谷。 山谷里分布着九个少数民族村寨,所以被叫作“九寨沟”。九寨沟海拔 在2 000米以上,分布着108个大大小小的湖泊,一年四季的景色都十分迷 人。站在藏族的木楼上,远望是高耸的雪山,近观周围是参天的古木,脚下是五彩池,此时此刻,你会感觉来到了童话世界。

Jiuzhaigou Valley is a famous national nature reserve. It is a valley about 50 kilometers long. There are nine ethnic minority villages in the valley, so it is called “Jiuzhaigou” (literally means “nine villages valley”). Jiuzhaigou Valley is more than 2,000 meters above sea level, with 108 lakes of all sizes, and the scenery is very charming all year round. Standing on a Tibetan wooden building, you can see towering snow-capped peaks in the distance, ancient trees which reach to the sky surrounding you, and the Five-Color Pond underfoot. At this very moment, you will feel you have come to the world of fairy tales.

五彩池是九寨沟最小的湖泊,却拥有最丰富的色彩,从不同的角度和 位置看,池水的颜色完全不同。五彩池的水中生长着各种水生植物,这些 植物所含叶绿素量不同,在湖水里就呈现出不同的颜色。五彩池池水清澈 无比,能清楚看见深深沉入池底的树枝和石头。在阳光的照耀下,湖光变 幻莫测,像一块多彩的宝石,让人舍不得移开目光。

Wucaichi (The Five-Color Pond) is the smallest lake in Jiuzhaigou Valley, but it has the richest colors. When people look from different angles and positions, the color of the pond’s water is completely different. There are all kinds of aquatic plants growing in the water of Wucaichi. These plants contain different shades of chlorophyll, and so they show different colors in the water. The water in Wucaichi is crystal clear, and you can clearly see the branches and stones that sink deep to the pond floor. Under the glow of the sun, the color of the lake is unpredictable, like a colorful gem, which makes people reluctant to look away.

九寨沟位于高原,所以一天能感受到四个季节是很正常的现象。如果 你去九寨沟游玩,可能中午还热得出汗,晚上就要感受冬天的寒冷了,所 以一定要准备好防暑和保暖的衣服。景区内藏族群众卖的手工彩色披肩, 颜色鲜艳,女孩子们可以买来披在身上,既暖和又好看。

Jiuzhaigou Valley is located on a plateau, so it is quite a normal phenomenon to have the four seasons appear in one day. If you go to visit Jiuzhaigou Valley, you may get sweaty from the heat at noon, and you will feel the chill of winter at night, so be sure to make preparations to prevent heatstroke and prepare clothes to keep you warm. The hand-made colorful shawls sold by the Tibetans in the scenic spots are brightly colored. Girls can buy them to wear. They’re both warm and beautiful.

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