Giant Panda and Little Panda
1. 大熊猫是我见过的最可爱的动物了!
Pandas are the cutest animals I have ever seen!

2. 你们相信吗?今天我跟熊猫宝宝合影了!
Can you believe it? Today I took a photo with a baby panda!

3. 原来,小熊猫和大熊猫不是“一家人”。
Oh, so all along, “little pandas” (red pandas) and giant pandas are not “one family” (They are not the same species).

成都大熊猫繁育研究基地那么大,哪儿才能找到自由放养的大熊猫 呢?别担心,哪儿有笑声你就往哪儿走。你看,那儿就有几只熊猫,有的 在爬树,有的在吃竹叶,有的睡起了大觉,每一只都那么可爱。熊猫在外 边玩耍的时间不长,下午温度高的时候就躲进室内休息了,所以要早点儿去看。
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is so big. Where can you find free-range giant pandas? Don’t worry, just go wherever there is laughter. Look, there are a few pandas right over there. Some are climbing trees, some are eating bamboo leaves, some are sleeping, and each one of them is so cute. Pandas play outside for a short time. When the temperature is high in the afternoon, they hide indoors and rest, so go see them earlier in the day.

刚出生的熊猫宝宝和爸爸妈妈一点儿 也不像,全身都是粉红色的。基地的熊猫 宝宝有专用的“育婴房”,饲养员每天 来给它们喂奶,带它们晒太阳。如果在野 外,熊猫妈妈把这些小家伙养大可真不是 一件容易的事!
Newborn baby pandas are not at all like their mom and dad, as their whole bodies are pink. The baby pandas at the base have a special “nursing room”; every day, the breeder comes to feed them milk and takes them to get some sunlight. If they were in the wild, it would not be an easy task for the mother
panda to raise these little guys!

图片中这种动物叫小熊猫,有人以为它是大熊猫的孩子,其实它和大 熊猫一点儿关系也没有,它们的样子更像猫。小熊猫平时不但吃竹叶、野 果,还会抓小鸟和其他小动物来吃,它们最喜欢吃甜的东西。小熊猫特别 爱干净,每次吃完东西后,都会用爪子擦脸、擦嘴。
The type of animal in this picture is called “a little panda” (a red panda). Some people might think that it is a child of giant pandas, but in fact, it has nothing at all to do with giant pandas. They are more like cats. Red pandas usually not only eat bamboo leaves and wild fruits, but also catch small birds and other small animals to eat. They like to eat sweet things most. Red pandas have a particular love for cleanliness. Every time after they finish eating something, they will use their claws to wipe their faces and mouths.

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